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The alarm starts ringing at 4am. It’s time to get in the Slice-of-Africa-mobile and head from Joburg to Pizza Hut Botswana. This is the next stop in the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project. Our franchise partner in Botswana are Marathon Restaurant Group, the same team from Cape Town, who hosted the very first Slice of Africa event, so we know we’ll be in great hands. Time to go and deliver a slice of literacy to Pizza Hut Botswana!

The Journey to Botswana

It’s a smooth enough drive through Rustenberg, Zeerust, and toward the Kopfontein border post. Smooth enough for some of the team to catch some Z’s. A few hours after leaving Johannesburg we arrived at Pizza Hut Botswana, and were greated to a store full of excited kids. This was the first time the kids have arrived before us!


Tsholofelong Children and Youth Trust

The Tsholofelong Children and Youth Trust are our beneficiary and literacy partners in Botswana. The boys and girls are of various ages, which is always a win. We’ve found that in these situations, the older children help a great deal in showing the younger ones how to do the activities. It’s awesome to see how these Red Reading Boxes engage different learners in different ways.

Opening Donations: Marathon style

Just like our launch event in Cape Town, Marathon Restaurant Group showed their commitment with two very generous cheques. The first, was for P10 000 to the Tsholofelong Children and Youth Trust. The second was for P10 000 to the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project. Having partners that believe in our brand’s vision for tackling illiteracy on the continent, and help drive our mission forward, make all the difference. And on that positive note, the donations in Botswana are officially open!


We’ve been on the road for close to 3 weeks now, and really feel like the momentum just keeps building, and building. As we head from Botswana to Mozambique, the Slice of Africa is almost complete…but The Pizza Hut African Literacy Project is only just getting started!


Share this post, follow the journey, make a donation, and let’s get Africa reading!

Downloadable press resources and photographs: https://pizzahutafricanliteracyproject.prowly.com

For interviews with the General Manager of Pizza Hut Africa, Ewan Davenport, please contact Lizzy Moletsane –  lizzy@platocomms.co.za / +27 (0) 83 256 3918 / +27 (0) 11 886 0211


The Slice of Africa is Pizza Hut Africa’s contribution to the global initiative called Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project. Established in 2016, Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project was created to encourage literacy through providing reading resources and engaging customers to make a difference for the cause. In its first year, the global campaign impacted 15.9 million people and distributed more than 275,000 books and educational resources to communities in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica and South Africa.

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  • Andrea

    The Botswana Book Project appreciates your initiative. We are celebrating our 20th year of getting books into the hands of children and adults throughout Botswana to help increase literacy and encourage a love of books and reading. You are a kindred spirit. Thank you for your literacy project and commitment to such a great cause.

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