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Arriving in Dar es Salaam to launch the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project Tanzania was an adventure in itself. You see, in all our wisdom, we had decided to drive from Nairobi, through Kenya, and across the beautiful Tanzanian countryside to Dar…in their rainy season.

This is what our route looked like.

Pizza Hut African Literacy Project

Day 1 took us from Nairobi to Arusha. Day 2 was from Arusha to Dar. On this 12 hour journey from Arusha to Dar, it didn’t stop raining once. Not even for a moment. Still the countryside on route is spectacular, with some of the greenest greenery imaginable. And if you drive when there’s less cloud cover, you’ll be able to see the famous Mount Kilimanjaro on route. And in case you missed it, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the top of Kilimanjaro – a world first!

Here are a few images from our journey to Dar

A Media-Filled Day

As we’ve said in previous posts, each and everyPizza Hut African Literacy Project event is different, and that’s what has made this initiative so interesting. For Tanzania, the calling card was certainly the amount of media that showed up to support thePizza Hut African Literacy Project. We definitely got our message out loud and clear. So a big round of applause to team Tanzania for pulling this together!

Let’s Get Africa Reading

At every stop on this Pizza Hut African Literacy Project journey we’ve been met with a great response and commended on a worthwhile initiative. Truth is, there’s only so much we can do…and the rest is up to you, our generous customers, and your in store and online donations. Pizza Hut will be raising funds over and this, which will again go back into creating Read Reading Boxes. Together, we can get Africa reading!


Share this post, follow the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project, make a donation, and let’s get Africa reading!

Downloadable press resources and photographs:

For interviews with the General Manager of Pizza Hut Africa, Ewan Davenport, please contact Lizzy Moletsane – / +27 (0) 83 256 3918 / +27 (0) 11 886 0211


The Slice of Africa is Pizza Hut Africa’s contribution to the global initiative called Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project. Established in 2016, Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project was created to encourage literacy through providing reading resources and engaging customers to make a difference for the cause. In its first year, the global campaign impacted 15.9 million people


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Pizza Hut African Literacy Project