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Pizza Hut Westgate Mall, Nairobi was the host of our Pizza Hut African Literacy Project event in Kenya, and the event couldn’t have run any smoother. It was just the right mix of excited kids, at a well-planned event, in a beautiful store, hosted in an amazing country. Round of applause of the team involved. And with donations officially open, all we need now is for you to get involved, and #GiveOpportunity.

Kenya was also also the halfway point in our Slice of Africa journey to launch the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project on the continent. This marks the start of our travels back down toward South Africa. So this seems like a fitting post to break out a few bullet points, and highlight a few key take outs from the trip so far.


 Same same but different.

No two events have been the same. sure, the game plans for the days have been similar, but on the ground each event takes on a life of its own. For us, this has really kept us on our toes, and made each event feel like the first.


The universal language of laughter

Can’t speak Amharic? Portuguese not your thing? It’s all good, because with a big smile and a willingness to actually get involved, these little language barriers weren’t barriers at all. It really goes to show that laughter is a universal language. (Side note, reading materials were translated to be locally relevant)


Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork

Whatever it is you may be after, if you go at it alone, you’re not going to get very far. The Slice of Africa has been a huge testament to this, with teams form across timezones coming together around common cause. Trust in your colleagues, stay open to new opinions and realities, and rely Ione each other to get it done. You’ll be surprised at the results.


This is Africa. This is awesome.

Long lines at airports? Yup. Potholed roads? A couple. Grumpy faces at border control? Sure. But in reality,  after 2 weeks of non-stop traveling, we can really say that Africa functions far more smoothly than expected, and is far less deep and dark than rumors would have you believe. Pro-tip: the next time you’re dreaming about that far away European holiday, dream a bit closer to our continent. The nightlife in Ghana is second to none, Nairobi will blow your mind, and Ethiopia…well just Google their natural wonders for yourself!


The next slice in the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project journey

We’re halfway through this journey, but not even close to realizing the impacts of this initiative. As of writing this we have raised over R160 000 so far, money that will go directly back to helping drive literacy on the continent. Next stop is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. See you there!


Share this post, follow the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project, make a donation, and let’s get Africa reading!

Downloadable press resources and photographs:

For interviews with the General Manager of Pizza Hut Africa, Ewan Davenport, please contact Lizzy Moletsane – / +27 (0) 83 256 3918 / +27 (0) 11 886 0211


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