The More You Read, The More You Know – Literacy Day 2018

 In Literacy Project

Hello and welcome back – it’s been a little while. In April this year, we set off on our Slice of Africa trip, to launch the Pizza Hut African Literacy Project. We travelled over 20 000kms, through 14 Cities, across 12 Countries, with a single-minded mission: literacy in Africa. Since then, we have raised hundred of thousands of Rands,  reached countless children, and given away thousands of Red Reading Boxes. Yesterday, in celebration of International Literacy Day we went back to Boepakitso Primary, where our journey originally began.

There’s a lot to celebrate this International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is a time to reflect on the alarming stats of illiteracy in Africa. It’s estimated that around 280 Million people cannot read. We’re proud to say that together, we’ve taken the first steps toward changing this. So today, on International Literacy Day, we’re choosing to celebrate all the good we’ve managed to do. We’re celebrating all the people we’ve met on our journey so far. We’re celebrating those who’ve supported us, and those who’ve inspired us. We have a long way to go in changing the statistics, but it feels good to have made such a promising start. And even better to have done so with the amazing support our customers, colleagues, and friends.

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